I started this blog because I love to take motorcycle trips both local and around the country. And I love finding that roadside attraction or quaint town and of course the best places to eat. So I'd like to share my adventures with friends old and new. And I would like to hear about yours. Feel free to share. What's the nicest ride you've ever taken? The most scenic ride? The longest ride? Rallies you've been to with thousands or a solo ride? The town you fell in love with? The food that you'd go back for? Talk about the motorcycle shops along the way. We all love a warm friendly face. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them to help others share your experience.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Well, I've lived here in Lake Havasu City for a little over a year and a half now and I must say that it's been quite the change in lifestyle for me and I absolutely love it !!! The weather is absolutely gorgeous 99% of the time and the riding is second to none!! The only change that I regret since moving here is that I am now divorced and that changed a lot of the plans that I had for the future. But I'm adjusting to the change and moving on. I've met a lot of fantastic people here and some have become very good friends and riding buddies. We get together often for breakfast or lunch rides and might go anywhere from 2 miles to 200 miles. You'll meet most of them in the pictures that I will be posting.


We spent some time on another poker run and the weather couldn't have been better!

Beautiful mountain scenery and long, winding roads...

And of course a cold beverage or two along the way....
Then we headed back to downtown Butte for the annual Evel Knievel Days celebration.


The streets were full and activities were plentiful. Of course an event honoring the great Evel Knievel is going to be chock full of motorcycle stuntriders..
And vendors lined the street selling shirts, trinkets, souveniers and food...
And then a couple of blocks lined with some beautiful street rods and custom cars..
This guy was absoulutely fantastic! He jumped from that white box on the right onto that small platform from a complete standstill. Then steadied the bike for a couple of seconds before hopping down to the other box. The act had a bunch of unbelievable maneuvers and the crowd really loved it.
Unfortunately we missed the Cannonlady's performance. The crowd had gathered and we all waited patiently while she surveyed the area and was checking for the wind direction. The wind had started to pick up a little and she announced that if it didn't let up within the next ten minutes or so, she couldn't fly becuse it was blowing form the side and she'd miss her target.....We'll needless to say the wind got a bit worse and she was forced to cancel her show.

So we walked around a little more and then called it a day..