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Saturday, August 20, 2011

DAY 11

 We decided to take a break today from all the riding. After breakfast we rode 4 miles out of Custer to a little cowboy town very aptly named Four Mile. What we found out was that back when these small towns were popping up as the settlers came west, the main post office was in Custer. This particular settlement was four miles from town so it was simply called Four Mile.
The settlement had about 50 buildings from living quarters to a jail and butcher. Most of the buildings were standing just as they were many years ago. We took the self guided tour and it was a very nice morning.
 Here is the small church of Four Mile. Next to it is the cemetery. It was like a step back in time as we went into all the buildings and saw how these people lived as they tried to find a better life by settling where the supposed gold rush was taking place.
Then we stopped for a visit at an old friends house. Gary Cleveland lives in Custer and he spends his winters in Arizona. He has a very large lot and during the Sturgis Rally every August, you may find anywhere from 10 to almost 50 people in tents and sleeping bags sprawled in his front yard. A great guy with stories that will keep you listening with interest.
He looks forward to having another crowd next year.

When we left Gary we took a ride to Hot Springs which is about 30 miles south of Custer. Unfortunately, the small town wasn't what we had in mind. There was really not much to do and it really wasn't much of a town to just park and window shop. So we found a local watering hole, had a bite and a beer and headed back to Custer.
We had laundry to do and I wanted to get the trike packed and ready because we were leaving in the morning to go up to Deadwood. Definitely looking forward to that. Hope you are too.

So today was a mere 76 miles but still beautiful weather and we're still having a ball.

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