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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DAY 15

 Today started with a meeting in the Mineral Hot Tub with our friends Cam and Denise. The water here is from the natural hot mineral springs in the area and it feels great!
After the tub it was a quick shower and then breakfast at the hotel. We enjoyed thier company immensely and really felt bad when it was time to say goodbye and go our separate ways. They were heading through Yellowstone and then up through the Beartooth Pass before getting home by Sunday. We gave them our contact information and look forward to keeping in touch. They travel quite a bit and have been to Arizona before so we told them to give us a shout the next time they were down that way.
 Faith and I were going to take a quick ride through Wind River Canyon but first we cleaned the trike and did a little pool time. We were planning the ride because someone had told us that it's only about 20 miles out and 20 back but it's really beautiful.
So we weren't in much of a hurry and Faith wanted some sun. It's so nice to be able to relax without the cares of where to be and when.
So after the pool and tanning time we took off for our 40 mile scenic ride.
Well, we weren't let down. The canyon was just as wonderful as we were told it would be. We rode along the river and there were campgrounds spotted here and there and very little traffic.
 The road wound through some beautiful areas where we were told that we would probably see a few longhorn sheep. We did the whole ride out and back and didn't get to see any wildlife but the ride itself was amazing.
We even saw some tepees camped out on the banks of the river.
 Across the river from the auto road is the railroad route. How cool it would be to ride the rails through all of this wonderful scenery. There were quite a few of these railroad tunnels along the way.
But we were not without our own tunnels that were cut through the mountain sides. This photo shows two of the three that we rode through. Absolutely great!
 Before we turned around for the ride back to town, we stopped so Faith could take some photos of the huge lake that is dammed and then flows down through the canyon. You can see many more of these photos o my Facebook page.
When we got back to town we stopped for lunch and then more hot tub and pool time. Then someone told us that on a back road right outside of town is another buffalo viewing area. So of course we got back on the trike for a short ride and we were lucky enough to see the buffalo.
It wasn't a really big herd but there were a couple of huge ones and we got these pics before heading back for dinner.

Dinner at the hotel and then one final dip in the hot springs before calling it a day.

Only 60 miles today but it was a very nice day.
See you tomorrow.

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Ryllie said...

Hey Rob & Faith.....Denise here, finally made it back to Canada and back to work (big frown). It was a pleasure meeting you both!! I am still playing catch up here at home but look forward to reading your blog. Did you make it to the Bearstooth Pass?????...It was an incredible ride/view...the valley was full of smoke from the fires that were burning along the Wyoming/Montana border so I anticipate another ride in that area again someday. Ride Safe & enjoy EVERY moment....