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Thursday, August 18, 2011


 What a fantastic day!!  Temps in the 80s, very low humidity and lots of great riding. About 5 miles outside of Custer is the Crazy Horse Monument so we passed that on our way out of town to start our day.We'll probably go to check out the monument tomorrow morning.
 But first I wanted to take Faith to a place called Cosmo's where it seems that the laws of gravity don't apply. Tennis balls roll uphill, short people look tall and you can go into a cabin and feel the forces pulling you in very strange directions
 We got through the first part of the tour which was an outside demonstration but when it was time to go inside the house, Faith was affected by the force and started to feel a little queasy so she opted out and went back to the gift shop. I stayed for a few photos but then figured that I would go and see how she was doing. They were very nice and refunded our fee and we were on our way.
The plan for the day was to go to Mount Rushmore and then take the scenic route back to Custer. After the trip to Cosmo's we headed to Rushmore. What a nice ride. The road we took isn't even the most scenic in the area but it was an amazing ride with bridges carved through the mountains and long sweeping curves that climb the sides of the mountains and then wind down again.

Mount Rushmore is a magnificent sight and we had a great time there.
 Clear skies.......

 Wonderful photo ops.....
And even when you leave Rushmore, you can see it from lots of different vantage points.
We took Iron Mountain road and there are a few tunnels cut through the mountains that were so well planned that you can see Rushmore through the tunnel.
 Iron Mountain Road is a great motorcycling road. lots of curves and fantastic views. It even has a couple of "pigtail bridges' where you go round and round and over or under where you've just been. So much fun!!!
Then we drove through Custer State Park. Not long after getting into the park, we came across two herds of buffalo. One was off the road heading to the mountains but the other was wandering down the road and we had some very close encounters.
Faith had been saying all day that she wanted to see buffalo so I was relieved when we found these herds. These might have been the only two sightings of the day. We might go back tomorrow as part of our sightseeing trip because it won't take us too far out of our way and we're hoping to see a lot more wildlife.
 Besides the buffalo, while driving through Custer park, you can see quite a few Pronghorn.
We found this one that came very close to the road even though we were sitting there with the trike running. It seems that they've gotten used to the visitors.
And then there are the donkeys. There is a section of the route that is a very popular stop for both tourist and donkey. At the stores near the park entrance you can buy donkey food or they will eat just about anything.
Here they are coming in from the fields because they heard a bunch of vehicles in the area. It was really something to see as they seemed so tame because they expected to be fed. Lots of people were there and the feeding frenzy began. Then the donkeys headed up the road.
 A very nice shot of some wild donkeys and my trike.
Faith always has to get that donkey shot.

So it was only an 86 mile day but we had no interstates to deal with and lots of really cool stuff to do and see so this was truly a wonderful day..

Hopefully the first of many.

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