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Monday, September 5, 2011

DAY 27

Another day to do the touristy thing in San Francisco. No need to get a very early start so we relaxed a bit in the morning and then it was time for a visit to the San Francisco Zoo. What a great zoo! It's laid out nicely so I was able to walk the whole zoo. Again, Faith was having a ball with her camera and her animals.
They've got a tremendous variety of animals. From beautiful flamingos.....
 To hungry bears. We got to see the bear feeding time. The zoo workers put food out in a few different spots and then they let the bears out.
 When we first got to the lion exhibit, they were sleeping nicely. But a little patience and we got a nice yawn.

We went from the gorilla area to a large grazing area for giraffes and zebras.
Many many more pics will be posted of Facebook. Faith was going crazy with that camera!
 After the zoo we stopped back at the room for a break and then noticed that the sun had come through the haze and it had gotten pretty warm. So we figured it might be a good time to get some better shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. So now that we were pros with the transportation system, we hopped on two different buses and found ourselves in the parking lot at the base of the bridge. Since the weather had gotten nicer the place was rather crowded but it was worth it.
The bridge looked great and the temps picked up a bit. You can see here that Faith was happy because this is probably the first time that the bridge was visible since we got here.

We have mixed emotions about leaving San Francisco tomorrow. The weather has been quite cool and overcast so we're looking forward to getting to some warmer temperatures. But we are having a great time and I know there's still so much more to see and do around here. It's been a fabulous few days but we really do have to get on the road again.
Check back because we're driving down the Pacific Coast Highway tomorrow and Wednesday so we'll have some absolutely beautiful photos.   Thanx

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