I started this blog because I love to take motorcycle trips both local and around the country. And I love finding that roadside attraction or quaint town and of course the best places to eat. So I'd like to share my adventures with friends old and new. And I would like to hear about yours. Feel free to share. What's the nicest ride you've ever taken? The most scenic ride? The longest ride? Rallies you've been to with thousands or a solo ride? The town you fell in love with? The food that you'd go back for? Talk about the motorcycle shops along the way. We all love a warm friendly face. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them to help others share your experience.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

DAY 31

It seems that our trip has become one of visiting family and friends that we don't get to see too often or even some that we haven't seen in years. It's a nice change from the riding that we've been doing and mostly being just the two of us. We're also getting a little more relaxing time because we're taking these breaks while we visit with our family and friends.  After dinner in San Francisco with my brother, we made that stop in Santa Barbara to visit Suellen and then we saw Henry again in San Clemente on Thursday..
So Friday we said our goodbyes to Henry and Tracey and were planning to visit with a cousin of Faith's in Santee, which is outside of San Diego. We weren't going to see Suzanne and her family until dinner so we had most of the day to take a slow ride down and hit a couple of the Harley shops along the way.
We were staying in a hotel in El Cajon so we checked in and had a little pool time before we had to get ready for the 15 minute ride to Santee.
We met Suzanne, husband Ray and their daughter Danielle at their house. Their son Jake was at a football game so he wouldn't be joining us for dinner.
It was a very nice time and we really enjoyed the company. Faith and Suzanne had a lot of catching up to do since they hadn't seen each other in over 30 years. So after dinner we went back to the house for a while.

118 miles today and although it wasn't filled with scenery and monuments and landmarks, we had a great time. Unfortunately, Faith and Suzanne were having such a time reminiscing that we completely forgot to take photos.

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