I started this blog because I love to take motorcycle trips both local and around the country. And I love finding that roadside attraction or quaint town and of course the best places to eat. So I'd like to share my adventures with friends old and new. And I would like to hear about yours. Feel free to share. What's the nicest ride you've ever taken? The most scenic ride? The longest ride? Rallies you've been to with thousands or a solo ride? The town you fell in love with? The food that you'd go back for? Talk about the motorcycle shops along the way. We all love a warm friendly face. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them to help others share your experience.

Friday, September 23, 2011

DAY 34

When we left Palm Springs we had planned to take a route that would be a little more scenic but also a little more desolate. The morning warmed up rather quickly and after some discussion we decided to take the interstate to make some time and also we figured there would be more gas stations along the way.
It felt great when we finally crossed into Arizona. The temps had gotten into the 100s and after 34 days on the road we just wanted to get home and settle in. We needed a break so we stopped in Quartzsite which is just over the state line. It's an old mining town and it was rather dead but one of the locals told us that it picks up a bit in the winter. We later found out that Quartzsite in the winter is a town that becomes jam packed with campers and tourists. You can find jewelry, Indian artifacts, rocks and a ton of other things for sale. I guess we'll be checking it out in a couple of months.
Then it was on to our last leg of this wonderful journey. We got to Lake Havasu City around 2:30 so we stopped in to see our rental agent to let her know that we had arrived. It was so hot that we said our hellos, went to the house, put on our bathing suits and headed for the lake. Sooo refreshing!!!
Then back to the house to take in the task at hand. Our tenants left us a little more work to do than we had hoped for. But without a TV or phone or internet for the first week and a half, we had nothing to do but clean and paint. So now we've been in our new home for 10 days and we have three rooms painted and the kitchen has been scrubbed and many of the boxes have been emptied and items put away. Still a long way to go but we're here and we made the trip safe and sound so all is well.

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