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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Wedding on the River

We went to a wonderful wedding last weekend for some friends that we met at Fox's Floating Dock Bar. Greg and Denise were to get married on Saturday but the wedding was actually a three day event that proved to be a great time with some truly great people.

 Darryl and Melina took their "toy box" down so Faith rode with them on Friday afternoon. I waited for John to get home from work and then he and I rode the bikes down to join them.

So by Friday evening the "wedding weekend" had begun and quite a few people that were in the wedding party also came for the weekend and it was a good night of fun and friends.
Roger, John and Darryl are always ready for a photo op. The weather was perfect after a rather hot afternoon. As soon as the sun set the temps dropped and being near the water made it a night that made you just want to stay out and enjoy it until the wee hours of the morning.
 And I'm pretty sure that's exactly what we did. We had no early plans for Saturday so Friday night was wide open !
Melina and Faith had a great time and although Melina worked through the night into Friday, she was up and partying with everyone.

Some of the Fox's regulars were there as well. Barb got some chat time with John and Darryl.

A cold one for me and some country music on the juke box for Darryl and Melina and the night just kept going and getting better. On Saturday morning John, Darryl and I took a ride down to Ehrenberg just to kill some time before the wedding that evening.

When we got back to Fox's most of the wedding party and a number of the guests were there in various stages of getting ready. It was another hot day so most were in swim suits with a cold beverage in their hand. Then the bridal party left by boat and went down river a bit to a park for the ceremony.

It couldn't have been more beautiful and unique when they came back on the boats as husband and wife.The sun was just beginning to set and it made a great backdrop for the happy couple.

And then the party continued. Susan had come down earlier in the day on Saturday so all of the girls along with the new bride were ready to party all night.

You have to agree---they make a pretty nice couple !!!

The food was great and there was plenty of it. Check out the scenery !! What could be better than a beautiful moonlit night sitting at a table along the river at a friends wedding ?!?!

A beautiful backlit wedding cake which was simply yummy !!

James and Shirlene took a slow dance break.

Shirlene is another wonderful friend that we've made since moving to this little piece of paradise. It just seems that the weather and the company are always great and the good times keep on comin' !

C'mon Mom, this is a happy occasion. Wipe away that tear and join the party !

And the party lasted well into the night and I must say that it was a wonderful weekend again spent with some wonderful friends (who we mostly consider family now).

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