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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out of Red Lodge

So on Monday we weren't in much of a hurry to leave because we only had about 230 miles to get to our next destination. I brought the trike down to Bone Daddy's to get the wire spliced better than we had done and then we had a nice breakfast, got my dealer picture and went back to the camp to load up.
With everything tied down and cleaned up we headed out for Butte, Montana where the Harley State Rally was being held over the weekend. We also learned that the same weekend hosted Evel Kneivel Days. This is a yearly event in Butte and we were kind of excited about the whole experience. We stopped at Beartooth HD in Billings and then we were on our way.
The ride in the truck is much different than on a motorcycle but Montana is such a beautiful place to ride that method of transportation is not a huge factor in viewing the scenery.
Made it to Butte and got settled in at
The 2 Bar Lazy H RV Park.

It was only Monday and the festivities weren't scheduled until the weekend so the place was fairly empty but we were told that by Thursday we'd see plenty of bikers. Monday evening was just a quick run into town for a bite and a beer and then back to camp.We found a great restaurant in town called Hangin5 and we did go back later in the week because the food was good and the beer was cold!
On Tuesday we decided to ride out to Missoula to check out the Harley shop and we also made a stop at Bretz RV and Marine. Dick had bought from this place before so he wanted to stop in. Little did he know that he'd leave with an upgraded fifth wheel. So we spent some time at Bretz and made plan to come back on Thursday to swap out rides. Then out to Grizzly HD.

Grizzly is a very nice and very large dealership and we got our goodies and were back on the road heading for Butte.
Someone suggested a more scenic route for the ride home and we sure weren't disappointed.
As we got off the exit for the scenic highway, we found a cool little place for a burger and I gotta tell ya, some of these little gems in theses little towns have some of the best burgers you'll find along your travels.
The hard part was reading the menu and deciding from 91 toppings for your burger!

More beautiful scenery along Highway 1 and after the day that we just had, we ran to McDonalds for take out and sat in the camper with some beers and a movie. 

Looking forward to the weekend !!!!

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