I started this blog because I love to take motorcycle trips both local and around the country. And I love finding that roadside attraction or quaint town and of course the best places to eat. So I'd like to share my adventures with friends old and new. And I would like to hear about yours. Feel free to share. What's the nicest ride you've ever taken? The most scenic ride? The longest ride? Rallies you've been to with thousands or a solo ride? The town you fell in love with? The food that you'd go back for? Talk about the motorcycle shops along the way. We all love a warm friendly face. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them to help others share your experience.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rainy Friday

 Friday was an iffy day as far as the weather went. Our first couple of days here in Butte we found that the clouds would roll in almost every evening and you might get some rain and then it clears out. But Friday started out looking bleak. We did venture into town and rode around looking for something that was open for breakfast. Quite a few cars at Annie's Cafe so that's where we had a very good homemade breakfast.

 When the clouds seem to break and it cleared a bit we took a ride out to Copper Canyon again to check the events and see what was happening. Definitely not the best state rally that I've been to but all in all we stayed for a while and watched some of the biker games. We  figured that we'd come back tomorrow to see if the crowd was any better and on our way back to camp the clouds were back and it started to look a little threatening.
 Nice trailer, huh ?? We got back and worked on leveling the tariler better and putting things back where they belong. The skies got darker and you could smell the rain coming. I think that I had just barely got the cover on my trike when the sky opened up !
 It's good that we got he bikes covered because we not only got rain but some good sized hail for a while. Again, it was one of those storms that you can see coming, they hit hard, and the you can see the clear skies behind them.
So after an interesting day we waited until we thought it was afe and dry enough to venture out for a bite. Back to one of the places that we like and again had a great meal, a couple of cold ones and back to camp.

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