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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday and Friday in and around Red Lodge

Thursday we went downtown to see what was going on. A good breakfast at The Red Lodge Cafe in town and then we walked the streets a little bit. Since it was early in the rally and nothing was scheduled yet, we decided to get some riding in. After a loop or two up and down the strip, we headed out to the fairgrounds where the rodeo would be taking place on Sunday. It's also where many people would be camping over the weekend.
Not a lot going on out at the campgrounds so we we took a nice scenic 120 mile cruise and made a our way back to the KOA. The pool looked very inviting and it had gotten a little warm so I took a quick dip before we went back into town for a very good dinner at Pollard's Pub. Back to camp for a couple of cold ones and we were looking forward to the poker run on Friday.

Friday's poker run was a little different than what I'm used to. Usually there are 5 stops with a card at each and best hand wins.
This run had 11 stops (each being a bar) and you took your best 5 cards. We had a great day and some of the bars that we stopped at were so very old and small and in areas that make you wonder if we were the only people that they saw in weeks.
It was another warm day so the stops became a nice break and we had some very interesting conversation with fellow bikers and a few of the locals.

Some of the bars were a bit larger and situated in some of the bigger towns but some were sitting out along a stretch of road with nothing around for miles.

Montana Jack's was one of the nicer and larger bar/restaurants along the way.
This is out in the back of Montana Jack's. Nothing to be seen for miles but it looks like a great place to dine outside at sunset with some good music in the bandstand and a sky full of stars.

Back into town again to walk the strip and think about dinner.

The motorcycles were starting to fill the streets more and the town was getting into party mode.

There are quite a few bars along Red Lodge's main drag and they were all hopping. Add to that some live entertainment on two of the side streets and Red Lodge was now officially "ON" !!!
Tomorrow we ride the Beartooth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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