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Sunday, August 28, 2011

DAY 18

 To start our day today we went through Yellowstone again towards the south entrance. Along the way there was more beautiful scenery and very little traffic consider that it is Saturday. I think everyone got up and into the park before us. We weren't in a big hurry because we really didn't have a long ride today.
 Happened upon a nice waterfall for Faith to photograph. More of her great shots will be on our Facebook page.
 We actually saw a couple of these signs along the way. I guess you travel along the Divide for a while at different elevations. The weather was great and we had some cloud cover every so often which was rather nice.
 Then we got to Grand Teton National Park. I won't say it was a let down but I really did expect more. The Tetons are absolutely awesome and the road takes you close enough to really appreciate the sheer size of this range. I just thought that there would be more scenic pull offs and we got through the park a little faster than I had planned.

 So we got to Jackson a bit earlier than I thought but that gave us a little more relaxing time. We were able to check in early and we took a walk into the town of Jackson Hole,Wyoming.
 What a great little cowboy themed town! Full of shops and bars, it's a typical tourist trap but it is very nice and very clean. Some of the sidewalks are actually wooden boardwalks there is a stagecoach ride that you can take to see the town. We did find that nothing comes cheap in Jackson Hole. Many of the stores are specialty shops and rather pricey. If you're looking for leather goods or clothing or perhaps some one of a kind jewelry, this might be a good place for you to shop.
We went back to the room for a break and then back downtown to the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. It's a popular stop because all of the seat at the bar are actual saddles. Not the most comfortable bar stool but definitely different. Of course they also have a store to buy all of your Cowboy Bar goodies.
Turned in a little early to get a jump on the day. Heading into Utah tomorrow.

130 miles and another wonderful day.

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