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Sunday, August 28, 2011

DAY 19

No photos today because it started out as just a travel day. We had no stops planned and were only going from one stop to the next. And sure enough, when we left Jackson Hole after breakfast, the ride looked as though it was going to be an uneventful 230 miles. We left in very brisk temps and actually had to stop to put on our light riding jackets. It was an overcast morning and we even passed under a rain cloud and had about 5 minutes of drizzle.
 We passed a few small towns along our route and I must say, these are very interesting towns. The populations can range from a mere 150 to maybe 500 and the speed limit drops to 30 or so while going through town. And then we got to St Charles which is located at the north end of Bear Lake. From that point on the ride became a motorcyclists dream!
As we went through town we saw some beautiful homes built to take full advantage of the lake and mountains in the distance. Then we began to climb a mountain into the Cache National Forest. Many more fabulous homes with fabulous views built along the entire route up the mountain.
It was here that I started having fun. The road from here all the way to Logan Utah was chock full of sweeping curves and the scenery of the forest. There were no extremely sharp curves or switchbacks so we were able to maintain a nice cruising speed.
When we got to Logan we stopped for a bite and then on to our final destination of the day. We also took off the jackets because the clouds disappeared and when the sun came through it got quite hot.
The ride from Logan to Ogden isn't much to get worked up over because we rode for a bit and then ended up on the 15 Freeway. So it was a 15 minute run with the freeway traffic and then our hotel.
Unfortunately, we got here around 3:30 and planned a refreshing dip in the pool before dinner. But no pool here. So Faith took a nap and I watched some TV and then dinner and time to turn in.
We have a few less miles to do tomorrow but 3 or 4 dealers to visit.
Today was 243 miles and I loved a good part of it.

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