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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, we got into day 4 before the first rain of the trip. We left LaPorte in bright sunshine and thought that the storms that were scheduled for the Chicago area would wait until later in the day. No such luck. Just a short time after sitting in traffic on 94 through Chicago, we saw that we were headed for some really dark skies. We've ridden in rain before so we pulled over to don the rain gear. A few minutes later it became the kind of rain that makes you pull over and find some shelter.So we sat in this Shell station for about 20 minutes and then we were able to push onward.
 Not too far up the highway was Uke's Harley Davidson. Although the rain had let up and skies were clearing, we left the rain suits on and after our visit we continued up 94 towards Milwaukee.
Finally made it to the Harley Davidson Museum. The rain was gone and the place had a very nice crowd. While we had a bite to eat in the cafe, we saw jacket patches from just about everywhere. The group at the table next to us was from France. We got some looks and comments about the trike and trailer and a few people took some photos.

 After the museum we drove over to the Harley Davidson plant on Juneau Avenue. This is where it all started in 1903. This building no longer produces motorcycles but it was kinda nice to be at the place that used to build the original Harleys that started such a following.
There still seems to be some activity in the buildings but the parking lot was empty and the whole place was very quiet.  
After our visit to the Harley Headquarters, we headed back to the interstate. Along our route we drove by what is left of the Pabst brewery. It was actually kind of sad to see the buildings in ruin and actually starting to decay and crumble. What a place this must have been when it was thriving as the "The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous".
So, Day 4 was a very interesting day with a little weather event and some sightseeing stops as well as our dealership stops.
We ended our day in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and look forward to tomorrow. Don't know about sights along the way but we have a couple of dealers and I'm pretty sure we won't be spending too much time in traffic or big cities.

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Tish Todd said...

Those pics look like a really good time....wish we were there. Some great history. Is DB still likin his trikin?! LOL...

Enjoy kids!