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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Although the day started off with a delay, it turned out to be a beautiful ride and a great day.
We wanted to get a jump on the day so we got to the first dealership around 9:30. On Sundays they open at 10:30. We met a few interesting people who where showing up to ride as a group to the ball game while we waited so we weren't standing there alone.
So it was around 11 when we hit the turnpike.
It was a little cool at the start so Faith was in leathers.

By the time we got to the next dealership it had warmed up nicely and we were getting a little hungry. Got our goodies and asked for a local beer and burger joint.
The folks at the dealership suggested Nutbush which was just down the road.
The place doesn't look like much but I gotta tell ya, we had what was perhaps the best burger of the trip so far. I guess it pays to talk to the locals when you want the best food.
A cold beer to wash it down and we were ready to put in our last 70 miles of the day.
 A short ride from the Nutbush and we were in Minnesota. There is a LOT of corn in Minnesota. We only covered part of the state with the rest to go tomorrow and we've seen more corn than you can shake a stalk at! But the temps got up to the high 70s and the air is fresh so it was an absolutely great ride!
When we got to Rochester we found our Best Western and got a little shock. the room they gave us was kinda stinky and the bed was a Murphy bed. Not exactly what we planned so we had a little talk with the front desk and were moved to a much nicer room.
The hotel offered a shuttle to take guests into town so we got a ride and asked the driver for some good Italian. She suggested Victoria's and she nailed it! We had a delicious dinner and it was quite reasonable. It's a shame that we can't bring the leftovers home because I couldn't finish my dinner but I hated leaving it behind. When we called for our ride back I asked the driver to stop at a liquor store for me and she said that liquor could be served but not sold on Sundays in Rochester. That put a damper on my night because it was still early and Rochester isn't the most happening town we found along our route.
So we got our ride to the hotel and I blogged while Faith slept.  It worked out fine because we were able to get an early start the next morning.

I should also mention that somewhere during todays ride we came across the Ho-Chunk Casino so we made a short slot break...I did OK and Faith left a small donation.

280 miles and spending the night in Rochester,MN

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Tish Todd said...

Mangia, Mangia...sounds like a good day. and I am glad you told them or I would have to have my people speak to those people and ya know...you just DON"T know...LOL Miss you!