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Thursday, September 1, 2011

DAY 22

 Although we rode part of Route 50 yesterday, the town of Ely is considered either the first stop or the last on The Lonliest Road in America. You can pick up one of these survival guides at many of the local merchants. The Lonliest Road goes from Ely to Fernley (or vice versa) with 3 towns along the way. If you "survive" the trip and get your guide stamped in each of the five towns, you get a certificate and a small souvenir of your ride.

 There are some very long stretches of Route 50 and it is truly a lonely ride. At times you could ride for a few miles without a curve or another vehicle.

We passed through Eureka and got our stamp and then pushed onward.
 We arrived in Austin just about lunch time so we had a burger here at the International. It was one of two places in town that served food. Next we topped off the tank and headed for our hotel in Fallon.
 More of the lonliest road. It might look like it would get boring but it was quite interesting. I like when you can see the road out in front of you for miles and miles. We did have to climb those mountains and the road gets a little curvy while climbing or coming down the other side.
 For one long stretch of road there was a small berm that ran along the highway. It seemed that someone had the idea to gather some stones and leave a short message on the side of the road. Now the messages go on for a couple of miles. Who loves who seems to be the most popular. You can see in the picture that the rocks aren't near the edge of the roadway. so these people had to walk a little way and gather them and then take the time to spell out their message.
265 miles later we got to Fallon. One of the larger towns along the route but we were tired after our long day so we checked in and patronized the casino in our lobby rather than walk from casino to casino. Then we ordered pizza and had a late dinner in the room.
Tomorrow we get the last stamp in Fernley and then into California.

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Henry said...

We are heading to Ca. tomorrow. Will be in Mt View tomorrow night, then taking train on Sunday for arrival in L.A. on Sunday night and San Clemente on Monday. Will stay in touch.