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Friday, September 2, 2011

DAY 23

Today we started with a short 30 mile run to Fernley to get the final stamp for our challenge booklet. We had originally planned to go south on 50 from Fallon but we were able to take a connecting road out of Fernley that put us back on 50 without going 30 miles back. The road was nice and the weather was perfect again. Enough of a breeze or cloud cover to keep it from getting too hot. Our route took us over a few mountains and although we saw warnings, we saw no wildlife.
Highway 50 took us down through Carson City and until this point the day was going like any other. Then just after Carson City you can take 385 south or stay on 50 towards Lake Tahoe and California. Almost as soon as you get on 50 after the split the ride was fantastic. Throughout this trip I've found a few more "favorite roads". This is definitely one of them. You climb a mountain on a slow curving road with some absolutely beautiful scenery. The down side of the mountain wasn't as great as the climb but still a fun ride.
Then we got to Lake Tahoe. The views of the lake from the road were breathtaking and we stopped when we got down into town at one of the beaches.
There was everything from helicopter rides to skidoo rentals to parasailing on the lake. The mountains were a great backdrop and the water was a blue that you don't see all the time.
We stopped at one of the Tahoe casinos for lunch and a short slot break and then pushed on. Entering California we climbed more mountains and the the roads opened up a bit and we were heading for our hotel in Rancho Cordova.

 we were pleasantly surprised when we got to our room. The hotel itself was very nice but when we found a sitting room along with the bedroom and a 42" tv, we figured it was by far the best room we've had so far.
So we're getting a little excited because tomorrow we get to San Francisco and we spending the holiday weekend there. It'll be nice to park the trike again for a couple of days. There's plenty of trolleys and buses and cable cars to get us around town.
It turned out to be a longer day at 210 miles but we had those breaks so it was a very enjoyable ride.

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