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Friday, September 2, 2011

DAY 24

I called yesterday to schedule a fluid change for the trike because we've got some miles on her since we left. So this morning we stopped at Harley Davidson of Sacramento and they were nice enough to get me in and out in about and hour and a half. Now you know me, I don't like to brag but I got some great feedback about the work that I've done to the trike. This isn't the first time. People have been coming to get a closer look at it all along this ride.

Then we planned a lunch with what Faith calls a "twig in her family tree". Pat and Jerry are very nice people who live in Napa so we spent a couple of hours chatting and it was really nice to meet them. They talked about doing some traveling so we're hoping it will be more company coming to visit us in Arizona.
For a good part of the ride the weather was beautiful and we were making good time. We figured we'd get to San Francisco around 3. I thought that if we take route 37 instead of staying on 80 we'd get to go over the Golden Gate Bridge today and get some pictures. I hadn't planned on taking the trike out riding around town much. I was just about to tell Faith that it was getting a little warm and then we got to the Sausalito area. I don't know why or how but the temperature dropped drastically to the point where I almost pulled over to get a jacket. You could see the fog rolling in and we hit patches of kind of warm and then quite cold.
I really wanted Faith to see the bridge but you can see that it was mostly covered in fog.
You could barely see the bay and if you look closely at this picture, you'll see the Transamerica tower poking up through the dense fog.
We pulled off the highway into the viewing area and actually got some very interesting shots of the bridge. There were times when you couldn't even see it but then you'd get a little break and it made for some nice photo ops. Check out more on our Facebook page.
Every once in a while we get someone to take a picture of us together.
We checked into our hotel, took a walk to the laundromat and had some dinner while we waited for the dryer. When we got back we thought we'd take a walk down three blocks to the beach.
The fog seemed to be getting thicker and we could barely see the waves. But there were some die hards who were walking along the beach. We actually saw a couple of surfers who probably found this to be exciting and a challenge. But the dampness and the coolness sent us back to our room and that was it for today.
129 miles today and we've now driven from the beach of the Atlantic to the beach of the Pacific.

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