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Saturday, September 3, 2011

DAY 25

Today was about as close as we could get to a relaxing day in San Francisco. We slept in a little longer than we have been and then tried to figure out how to get from our hotel to Fisherman's Wharf. We walked around the corner and boarded what we thought was the right bus but it only took us half way. So we had to get on the subway and this took us to the Market area. Still not close enough to the Wharf so we took another bus which was packed like a sardine can. But we finally got to the pier area.
 Got a bite to eat on Pier 39 and then walked around taking pictures just like a typical tourist.
Found the sea lions just relaxing and really not putting on much of a show.
 Being Labor Day weekend, the streets were quite crowded but we trudged along taking in the many different sights of the city. We saw some of the shops and restaurants that have been a part of San Francisco for years and some that are fairly new.
 We made our way from Pier 39 to Fisherman's Wharf. What an amazing place. Everywhere you looked you saw restaurants selling their wares along the sidewalk.
 We got a great cup of clam chowder and Faith was amazed at the whole scene.

 And of course a trip to San Francisco wouldn't be complete without the famous cable car ride. We waited in line for just over an hour and then they stuffed the car with tourists and we were on our way.
The cable car took us back to the market area and then we still had to take the subway back to our hotel. We had plans to meet my brother for dinner in Dale City which is about 3 miles from our hotel. We called for a cab but after waiting about an hour we decided to unhook the trailer and take the trike.
Although we arrived a bit later than the rest of the party, it was a very pleasant dinner with Jeff, Sue, Tracey and brother Hank.
Then back to the room. Tomorrow back to the docks to take the Alcatraz cruise.
Check back for details.

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