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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Big Boy's Toys on Main"

The promo ad was played on the radio almost every 15 minutes... "Big Boy's Toys on Main Street. Lake Havasu. Saturday, October 8th. 10am til 6pm. Come on out and see all the boys (and girls) show off their toys!" I thought to myself, "I'm a big boy now...I have a toy that I'd like to show off...I know where Main Street is." So I stopped in at the station, which just happens to be on Main Street, and asked how I go about getting a spot for my trike. He asked if I was a vendor or if I was looking to sell it or just wanted to show it. I told him that it was just a "show" thing and he said to bring it down on Saturday and I'd have a spot.
So on Saturday the 8th I joined a whole street full of big boy toys, vendors and food tents for what was an absolutely great day. There are many events that take place on Main Street including Thursday night cruise night. But on Thursdays the street isn't closed to traffic.
 I'm not sure that the turnout was what was expected and they didn't have to close the street as far up as they thought but there were plenty of toys to see along the few blocks that were jammed with things that go fast, things that sit low and lots of just plain fun stuff.
 From custom street rods.....
To rock climbers...(there were actually quite a lot of these and they seem to be the desert toy of choice with the younger crowd)
To some really awesome boats.. I wonder who thought to take a dragster motor and mount it backwards in a boat. You can see the drive shaft running up between the seats and then it doubles back to the propeller. You might also notice the steel brace keeping the driver's seat from collapsing back on takeoff!
 There was even a car/boat combo.
 The temperature was simply wonderful. People took full advantage of this and brought the family out for a nice stroll along Main Street.
Even though my toy was a little less powerful as some and not quite as custom as others, I did get a few people who loved the look and the extras and we met some very nice folks.
And Faith was able to relax and get away from the house for the day. This was our first but definitely not the last event that we'll attend in our little town. We've heard that this is the time of the year that more and more things are happening on Main Street. I think that the next big thing we'll be a part of is the "Halloween on Main" night. We're really looking forward to it and I'll let you know how it goes.

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