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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Rides...Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was the first time that we would join the local HOG chapter on their group ride. All we knew was that were going somewhere called The Temple Bar. We had no idea what that was or where that was. But I wasn't leading the group so we just followed along and had a great day.
 Before we left Lake Havasu we gassed up and we saw this nice street rod at the pump so of course Faith asked if she could take a picture and the gentlemen told her it was fine and if she'd like, she could get in for a photo op. What a smile, huh??
So we finally got to Kingman and met the others at the dealership, had some introductions as the new folks in town and then we headed out for lunch. a short ride through town and then onto Highway 93 up towards Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

Highway 93 is a nice ride and there was very little traffic for a Saturday. There are some pretty long stretches of road in between towns but the scenery is wonderful. We've traveled this road quite a few times. It's the route we take when we ride from Las Vegas to Laughlin for the "River Run". We've also taken it to get to the Dam.
 About 20 miles or so before The Hoover Dam we saw the sign for Temple Bar Marina. You get off 93 onto this great little two-laner that wanders down to the marina which is right on Lake Mead. What the sign didn't tell us was that we still had about 18 miles before we got there. Not that we're complaining.... It's all about the ride, right?? Not the destination. The thing is, there were a few times that you could see the lake and you were heading right towards it so we thought we were there. Then the road would take a nice wide turn back into nowhere and we were headed away from the lake.
 It was definitely worth the ride !! We arrived at the marina/bar/restaurant and it is truly a beautiful setting. The blue waters of Lake Mead and the mountains as a backdrop!
 As you look out at the lake you can see the formation that someone at some time thought looked something like a temple and so the area is called Temple Rock and the marina is the Temple Rock Marina.
The lunch was good and we made some new friends. Afterwards in the parking lot it was decided that this would be a ride worth doing again. This photo shows the road going back out towards the main highway. Some of the people were going to continue north and go over the dam and take the longer way home. Unfortunately, Faith and I couldn't join them because we didn't bring our helmets so we couldn't cross over into Nevada. A lesson learned-- the helmets are now in the trunk because you never know where that ride will take you.
 On Sunday we did a shorter breakfast ride with some riders from town that we had met the week before. They told us that they meet every Sunday morning and then ride down to Parker for breakfast at Fox's Bar/Restaurant. We had heard about Fox's but had never been there. It's a nice place right on the Colorado and it has a large floating bar right on the water. A very different experience.

The weather was perfect (again) and we met even more new riding friends.
It seems that places like this are all around and we're finding more and more of them with the help of the riders in the area. The group we rode with on Sunday was made up of mostly locals and the Saturday crowd came from farther away so we have our choice when we want to ride. Saturday we rode about 285 miles and only 64 on Sunday. But so far everyone that we've met is absolutely wonderful and the people around here are very friendly and extremely helpful. Although it was just our first ride with both of these groups, we felt comfortable and almost as if we've been riding with them a lot longer.

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