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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My new boat.

When you live in a place like Lake Havasu City, you have to take advantage of the lake. We love our motorcycling rides and look forward to going to "church" with our new friends every Sunday morning but I thought that we could use some lake time. We've been going down to the lake almost daily since we moved here just to cool off and do a little aqua-therapy. I've heard that rowing is one of the better kinds of exercise that you can do so I got us a 14' inflatable rowboat.  
I've had it out a couple of times so far and as I'm getting more fluid with my rowing I find that I can go for longer rides and get a better workout.
My daughter Laura came to stay with us for a while so she's been enjoying the rides on the lake, too. She's taking full advantage of the weather out here. These photos were taking on Halloween afternoon. Tempertaures were up around 90 and it was absolutely beautiful out on the water.
But I can't always be the one doing all the work so it was time to send Laura on her maiden voyage so that she could get the feel of the boat herself. She actually did very well for her first time.
I even felt comfortable enough to let her take me out for a spin. Hopefully we can make the rowing thing a habit even if just for the health benefits. The temperature is supposed to start cooling off by the weekend and it might only be getting into the 70s. I also know that the water temps will be dropping soon and for the next few months will be staying rather cold. So I just hope that we can keep that boat upright and stay out of the water.
After our boat outing we went home for dinner and then down to the main street in town for the annual Halloween march. It was our first time and I gotta tell you, I was amazed! The town felt that instead of the trick-or-treaters walking around the neighborhoods after dark, they would shut down the main street and have everyone meet and many of the local merchants are there with treats and games for everyone. The street was packed and there must have been thousands of people of all ages in costumes of every kind. We found a comfy wall to sit on for a while and just watch the flow go up one side of the street and down the other. It was a wonderful event and we're looking forward to dressing up next year and joining the party.

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