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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, after that wonderful trip through the north and western U.S., we are at our new home in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I haven't had a lot of blogging time because the house was in worse shape than we had hoped for so we've been really busy cleaning and painting and ripping out carpets. We're getting a lot accomplished and we take a little break every day to go to the lake for a refreshing dip and then back home for dinner and some relaxing time. It's been rather warm but when we talk to friends and family back in Jersey, we figure that we can put up with the heat rather than the rain and cold.
This is our view of the lake from the driveway. I think we're going to enjoy living here. It's such a dramatic change from what we're used to. I think that I left a lot of my road rage and "hurry up" attitude behind. I think I'll be able to adapt to this slower paced lifestyle rather well. There are so many activities and events going on in town that we can keep ourselves busy for most of the time and the riding season here is almost the whole year so check back often to see where we go and what we do.
We took a ride to Kingman last week to join the local HOG chapter. Looking forward to meeting some new friends and taking some interesting rides. I think maybe by next weekend we'll be ready to get out of the house and join in all of the festivities around the area. We have the two back bedrooms and the 2nd bath painted and new carpet has been installed. The kitchen has some fresh paint and is scrubbed clean (Faith did a great job). So the only rooms left are the master bed and bath. A little paint and a new bedroom set and then we can say that we're settled in and start taking some time for ourselves. I think we deserve it.

Don't forget to stop by often to keep up with the adventures of RobnFaith !!!

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