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Friday, October 7, 2011

Rob goes to work ?!?!?

Sometime last year during one of our visits to Lake Havasu I was checking into putting solar panels on the house to save some money. While speaking with one of the salesmen, I happened to mention that when we finally moved out here I might want to keep busy doing little odds and ends jobs or getting involved in some of the events that take place all the time in town and on the lake. He told me to give him a call when we got here so I stopped by to see him and he told me that he could use me right away. This weekend we are having the Sea-Doo championship races on the lake. If I'd be interested I could volunteer to help with security on a boat out on the lake. Sounded like fun to me so on Wednesday I went to "work". 
 Well, first of all, when I showed up one of the other volunteers came into the marina on a jet ski and told me that he'd take me out to my boat which was already anchored in position. Our first attempt at boarding the ski resulted in me taking a cool dunking in the water. We tried again and finally got both of us on the ski. But we couldn't get moving because it was a smaller jet ski and there was no way he was going to get me out to the boat. So one of the other boats had to come in to pick me up. I had no idea what to expect so I didn't pack any other clothes or jacket or anything! They dropped me onto the boat pictured above and told me not to let anyone past me towards the race area. There I sat, soaked and stuck on a boat for the next 8+ hours. Luckily, another of the security guys gave me his phone to call home and get a sweatshirt. It had gotten rather windy so I dried off quickly but still had no idea what I was going to do for all that time.
Although the main events were this weekend, the qualifying runs started on Wednesday so I could work the lake all 5 days if I'd like. I had a nice view of the town of Lake Havsau from where I was and I could see the races but I was still kind of far away. All that I could do was sit for a while and then pace back and forth on the boat and then sit and then pace and then sit, etc.
 The day was a little cloudy and windy but it was nice to just sit there adrift. But after a few hours it started getting a little old. Maybe because it was mid-week and there weren't too many people on the lake but I didn't have to turn anyone away the whole time I was out there. Between the clouds and the late afternoon sun setting, I got some nice pics of the area.

By the time I got picked up from my boat and we got back to the marina it was nearly 6pm. I had plenty of time during my shift to plan a much better day for tomorrow. I figured I could bring some snacks and a book or maybe some crossword puzzles. Yep, that would help pass the time. I knew that the races started around 9 so I asked what time I should show up if I wanted to do it again. He told me that they like to meet around 6:30am so that they could get the boats out on the water and anchored in by 7 to be ready for the day. So, needless to say, that was my first and last day as a security guard for the jet ski races. I don't mind the volunteering part and I wouldn't even mind the 9 hours alone on a boat just sitting in the water as long as I had things to do to keep me occupied. But I don't do 6:30am any more!!! 
So now it's back to painting and cleaning at the house. We should be getting carpet in the master bedroom on Monday and new blinds throughout the house on Tuesday. If all goes according to plan, a sofa and recliner along with a new bedroom set should all be here and in place by next weekend. WOW, so much accomplished in such a short time.
No house work tomorrow because I'm taking the trike down to Main Street for the "Big Boy Toys" event. Check back for pics and stories. Should be a very nice day.

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Ryllie said...

I guess you could say you have been "baptised" LOL....good for you. Retirement is NOT about waking up to go volunteer at 6:30 am.
Thinking about you both...